Wednesday Weigh-In

I seem to be one of those people who are perpetually disappointed when they step on the scale.  I tend to over estimate how much weight I’ll lose each week.  This week, I stepped on the scale and was down exactly one pound.

This past week, I have gone for a walk nearly every day, drank 9 or more cups of water, and monitored what I ate (for the most part).  And I was only down one measly pound.  It’s so disappointing.

The thing I need to learn is not to give up when I get frustrated like this.  I have PCOS, which can make weight loss a lot more difficult.  It means I have to work harder than most people to shed some weight.

So while I want to curl up in bed and eat a whole bag of cheddar popcorn, I’m not going to do that.  I’m going to put on my shoes and go for another walk and then make myself another breakfast.  I’m tired of quitting and starting over.  I need to accept that this is a journey, and I have to be committed for the long term.


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