Rocky Mountain Adventures

Ever since we moved to Alberta, hubby has been dying to go visit the mountains.  The town we’re living in is about two hours from Banff and Lake Louise, and since it was hub’s birthday and he had a day off yesterday, we decided to take off and do some exploring.

I grew up in Alberta, and I know I’ve been to Banff with my family, but I definitely don’t remember it.  I was a kid, and probably had my nose stuck in a book for most of the time.  My mom jokes that she should have taken me anywhere as a child because I don’t remember it now anyway.  Either way, it felt new to me, and man, is it ever beautiful there!  I always say that I prefer the ocean to the mountains, but the truth is, both are magnificent.

We left fairly early in the morning and went straight to Banff.  It’s a cute town with a lot of touristy shops.  We wandered around for a bit, and then had lunch on a rooftop patio and this little pub.  Dessert consisted of some ice cream from Cows – it was nice to find a little taste of PEI way over here in Alberta!

It was a really beautiful spot to walk around in.  We had wanted to go for a gondola ride, but figured we should probably save the money.

Following Banff, we decided to drive the half hour up to Lake Louise.  This might be one of the most beautiful spots in the entire world.  I’m not going to lie, I was utterly mesmerized.  It was stunning.  Look at the colour of that water!

We spent about an hour walking around Lake Louise, and even found a cute little waterfall. It was a great day, and a nice escape.  We can’t wait to go back!

If you have been to Banff or Lake Louise and have any recommendations for our next visit, please share in the comments!  Or hop over to my Facebook page and let me know there 🙂

One thought on “Rocky Mountain Adventures

  1. I did my PhD research at the Saskatchewan Glacier, which is just at the border of Banff and Jasper. I don’t recommend hiking to it, because there really isn’t a trail, but, you can climb Parker Ridge and see the entire valley spread out below you, which is GORGEOUS. It was used as a WW2 practice site, so they do warn about ammunition, but the view is worth it. Most people have heard of the Athabasca Ice Field and it’s like a hand with fingers on the mountains. The glacier you can walk on is one finger and Saskatchewan Glacier is another finger.


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