things that scare me

It’s funny how things can seem so scary until you actually go and do it for yourself.

I am a chronic over-thinker.  I constantly worry about my capabilities and doubt my ability to perform a task well.  Before I enrolled in the B.Ed program, I often thought: I could never be a teacher.  But now, look at me.  I’m teaching.  I wouldn’t say that I am an anxious person, but if I am having a bad day, my negative thoughts can push me over the edge and I can end up wanting to hide in my bed, away from the world.

So I’m making a list of things that scare me.  Things that give me anxiety and things that I need to address in my life so that I can choose to live fearlessly.  After all, that’s what this blog is all about.  I actually think that’s what life is all about – choosing to face the things that scare you and getting past them.

So here it is, a not-fully-comprehensive list of things that scare me.

  • Driving scares me.  I’m always overthinking it and simply merging on to a highway can cause me to burst into tears.  I’m always worried about getting into an accident.
  • I think I’m scared to really commit and lose weight.  I don’t know why, but I know that I’m fully capable of losing the weight, I just seem to self-sabotage all. the. time.
  • I’m terrified of confrontation.  I don’t do well under pressure and I hate when people are rude to one another.  The confrontation doesn’t even have to include me, haha!
  • I’m scared of sharks.  And all scary things that lurk in deep water.
  • I’m so scared of failing.  As if I’m the only one who make mistakes.
  • I worry all of the time about what people are thinking of me.  I know that it shouldn’t matter, but for some reason many of my actions are based on what I think people would want.  Logically, I know I’m better than that, but I can’t seem to shake it.

These are all things I hope to change about myself.

What are you scared of?

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