Wednesday Weigh In

They say that you won’t be able to lose weight until you’re really ready.  Well, I think I’m finally ready.  I’ve wanted to lose weight for years, but could never seem to commit, until recently.  The last week has been a great one for me, and I’m pleased to say that I’m down three pounds since last week.

I purchased a new scale over the weekend, because my old scale (Thinner brand, I believe) was just so inconsistent.  I could step on in 5 different times in one minute and get 5 different weights, all within a 6 pound range or so.  I know that six pounds is not the end of the world, but when you are trying to shed some weight, you want your scale to be as accurate as possible.  My new scale is a Weight Watchers brand, and it seems to be much more consistent.  As in, I can step on five times and get the same weight each time.  Unfortunately, I seem to weigh a couple of pounds more on this scale, so while I was pumped to see the 240’s on my old scale, I’m still in the 25o’s on my new one.  Next week I’ll celebrate 😉


Old scale on top, new one below.

Speaking of celebrating, today is my hubby’s 30th birthday!  I just want to take a moment and say that I am so, so grateful to have him in my life.  He is one of the most hardworking, genuinely nice people that I know, and my life is so much better since he entered it.  We are hoping to visit the mountains tonight or tomorrow so I’ll make sure to take a lot of pictures.

Happy hump day everyone!

10 Road Trip Essentials

As you know, my husband and I are currently driving across Canada as we move out west from Prince Edward Island to Alberta.  We have spent five days in the car and have another three days to go.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the essentials we have been using while on this extended road trip and thought it’d be fun to share.  I just want to point out that I’m not sponsored by any of these products or services, and we purchased these ourselves and the reviews are our own.

  1. Google Maps. I know, I know, before we had smart phones, everyone including my parents had to use a real map.  And while I could figure one out if I really sat down and tried, the ease and convenience of using the GPS on my phone just can’t be beat.  We’ve been using Google Maps for our entire trip and have had no issues with it at all.
  2. Our next essential is good music. Every road trip needs a good playlist.  Since our road trip is close to 5000 km, we needed a lot of good music.  Now, I’ve mentioned this app before, but our favourite way to play music is through Spotify.  We pay ten dollars a month, and have access to almost any song we fancy.  You can create your own playlists and – this is the best part – download the playlists to your device so that you can listen to your songs without using any data.



  3. When we get sick of listening to music, Rick likes to put on an audio book. He has a subscription to Audible, which boasts a large collection of audio books.  Since I’m always the passenger, I can read to my heart’s content, and now Rick can listen to a book as well.  He’s currently making his way through Game of Thrones.  I’m currently reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  I can’t believe I haven’t read this classic, and neither could my friend Amanda, who gave me the book.  I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s fantastic so far.
  4. This and the next one are related to the fact that we use our smartphones so much in the car. We bought a Magnetic phone holder that is extremely convenient. We have one from Spigen.  It comes with two adhesive thin metal plates which you can either stick to your phone or stick to your phone case.  The magnetic part attaches to your air vent in the car, and it’s strong enough to then hold your phone up.  Rick says that it is the best phone holder he’s had.

  5. We also purchased a SoundBot Bluetooth device. It enables you to play music from your phone via Bluetooth and also make and receive phone calls.  Our car doesn’t come with any of these features so it was nice to find a small device that works well.  Both this and the Spigen holder were purchased from Amazon.


  6. Car Games. To be fair, we only ever play Twenty Questions.  When we’re not chatting, I’m usually reading or playing a game on my phone.  If you have a great car game that we can play, let me know!
  7. A cooler full of snacks. We have a big cooler at my feet but it’s not full of much.  The cooler is great because it keeps drinks cold for a long time.  Currently we have some seaweed snacks and a honeybun from breakfast.  Snacks are a road trip staple.  We also keep some candy on hand when we are feeling a little low on sugar 😉


  8. A bag for trash, or rubbish, as my husband says. Very important.  We even have a little hook on the lower dashboard to hold the bag.
  9. Caffeine.  My choice is coffee or tea, but since hubby doesn’t drink either of those he tends to choose energy drinks.  It’s funny how driving can be so exhausting – all we’re doing is sitting in a car but I find myself yawning the day away!
  10. And finally, AirBNB.  Yes, we could choose a cheap motel when we need to stay overnight, but we can often find a room on AirBNB for less than a motel and we get a much better experience.  For instance, last night in Sault Ste. Marie, we stayed in a Howard Johnson motel.  We paid more than we have during our other nights through AirBNB, and the continental breakfast was pitiful.  In Quebec City we used AirBNB and paid thirty dollars less and received a wonderful breakfast.  Plus, we love chatting with and getting to know new people, which is something that you rarely get the chance to do at a motel.


We are at our AirBNB in Thunder Bay, tomorrow we head to Winnipeg.  Hope you all have a wonderful night!  xx

the power of social media

I created this blog because I know that I am the type of person who becomes complacent with my sedentary lifestyle.  I need to constantly set goals and work towards something or else I often sit around doing nothing.

The name of this blog itself speaks to the desire to live my life without fear and to actually do something with my life.  I created an instagram account with the same name to track my weight loss progress, since losing weight is a huge (and largely unsuccessful) goal of mine.  On this account I planned to be completely honest, and share everything from my weight to food I ate and workouts I completed.  I didn’t plan on sharing the account with anyone in my real life, because I didn’t really think that they needed to see things like my weight, etc.

But good ol’ Instagram shared with all my contacts that I had this account, and so many of the people I know in real life began following my account.  At first I was so embarrassed, and tempted to delete the account.  It was okay if strangers from the internet saw that stuff, but I felt awkward knowing that people I knew were privy to that information too.  However, I’ve been thinking about it, and maybe this will help to motivate me further.  If everyone knows my weight, it’s more incentive to be successful in my weight loss endeavours.  Social media can be a powerful thing.

Another motivator lately has been my Fitbit account.  I purchased a FitbitScreenshot-2016-01-06-02.22.04-e1452075802386-1200x673 Blaze (review coming soon!) a few weeks ago, and the app has been fantastic.  I love that you can add friends and compete against each other, it’s a fun way to get more activity.  My husband was so impressed by my Blaze that he bought one for himself as well.  We do work week and weekend competitions against each other and it’s a lot of fun.  On the app you can track your caloric intake too, which is nice – it’s very similar to

In this day and age I feel like I have no excuse not to lose weight.  I’ve yet to be very successful, but utilizing these tools should help.  What do you use to motivate you?

wedding recap

This is a post I wrote four months after I got married on my old blog, but I love it so much that I’m re-posting it here.  I got married on September 13, 2014, to my best friend.  It’s such a special day and I’m glad I have a way to remember it 🙂

I spent the night before at a hotel with three of my best girlfriends, one who had flown in from Alberta especially for the wedding.  We had an early night, knowing we had to be rested for the day ahead.  The wedding wasn’t until four that afternoon, so we went out to Starbucks when we woke up and also brought breakfast up to the hotel room, where we all started the getting ready process.



Hubby’s mom and sister came to the hotel room to get ready with us, they had their hair done and hung out for a bit.  My friend had brought some champagne and orange juice so we could have mimosa’s while we were getting all dolled up – a nice touch, I might add!

My hubby-to-be sent his father to deliver some beautiful flowers and some chocolates ❤

Our photographer came and took some photos of the dress and of us getting all dolled up, and my family also came for a few photos in the hotel room.  My mom helped me get into my dress, and it was fun to capture my dad and brother’s reactions to seeing me for the first time looking like a bride.



My mom had roped her neighbour into driving me to the wedding ceremony, which was kind of funny since the venue was only a few blocks away from the hotel.  Really though, I couldn’t have walked in my big dress 😉

We arrived at the venue and I had to stay back in a hidden room as they weren’t ready to start.  I remember pacing back and forth, I don’t remember being too nervous, just anxious for it all to start!  Thankfully I was able to distract myself with the adorable flower girl (my MOH’s little girl).

Finally it was time to start!  It was the perfect ceremony, I managed to make it all the way down the aisle with my dad without tripping – no small feat in my world! I walked down the aisle to Pachebel’s Cannon, it’s the song I always wanted when I walked down the aisle.  I nearly started crying when I saw my betrothed shed a few tears, but I kept it together (my voice did shake a little).  The ceremony is a blur, it seemed to go by so fast.  We did the vows, had a reading, and even a little tree planting ceremony.  My brother rocked it out on the keyboard – he ended the whole thing with the song You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates.




My hubby’s one request of the photographer was to get a picture of all the people attending our wedding, so we did that right after the ceremony had ended.  I’m so glad we did this, it is hands down my favourite picture from the whole day.

We went to get some pictures done a few blocks away from the venue, which was a lot of fun and once again didn’t take too long. We came back and they weren’t quite ready for us so we had to wait outside the building, it was a little chilly so hubby lent me his jacket 😉



Dinner was delicious, and the speeches were fantastic.  The only thing I wanted was for my wedding to be FUN, and I think we accomplished that.  I remember laughing a lot.

Our first dance was by Elvis Presley, and it was beautiful.  We had our dance outside on the deck, there were little lights everywhere, and I remember thinking it looked magical.  After our first dances bride and groom, we split up and had a dance for the father/daughter and mother/son.  I chose Bridge over Troubled Water for this dance, it’s a song that always had great meaning for me and my dad.



Photography by Philip Currie

All in all, it was absolutely the most perfect day, I married my soul mate, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him ❤

weight loss motivation and plan

They say nothing motivates you more than pictures.  Well, I feel as though I’ve hit an all time low and that it’s really time to commit to my health.  And what better motivation than plastering my unattractive pictures on the internet?

Do you ever look in the mirror and feel shock at what you see?  That’s how I feel when I look at these pictures.  I don’t feel like the fat girl that I am.  I’m not trying to be self-deprecating, but it’s the truth.  I feel like my inner self and outer self don’t match up.

I also made a comparison of my face from about eight years ago to now.  I can’t get over the difference.  The crazy thing is that I remember not being happy with myself in the first picture, when I’d do anything now to get back there.


I’m tired of feeling sick and having low energy.  I want to be vivacious and healthy and glowing.  I want to feel like I can take on the world.

I’ve been working on my plan of action.  As it is, I love to make plans, it’s the followthrough that I need some work on.  I’m going to focus on:

  • Drinking 8 cups of water a day.
  • Tracking my food on myfitnesspal.
  • Getting some exercise each and every day, even if it’s just a walk.

Please share any tips you have for a successful weight loss journey!

why hello there!

Ah yes, the dreaded first post.  Every blog needs an introduction, but I’ll keep mine brief.

There is a quote found in Henry D. Thoreau’s Walden that says: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.”

This isn’t the original quote, social media has adapted the actual quote for its own purposes, but the adaptation suits me just fine.  For most of my life, I have been told that I need to work on my confidence.  I don’t know what it is – I just seem to be lacking in the self-love and self-belief that comes so naturally in others.  Despite the fact that I am surrounded by family and friends and a husband who loves me, I struggle with loving myself.


So who am I?  I’m Michelle, currently residing on beautiful Prince Edward Island, and partway through my B.Ed program.  I’ve been married for 1.5 years to my wonderful husband.

Now that I’m nearing the big 3-0, I figure it’s time to work on myself and become someone who carries herself with confidence and poise.  I want to be someone who radiates with self-acceptance and lives without the fear of constantly being judged.  Here I hope to find myself.  Life is good, but I know I can make it even better.