What I Ate Wednesday


So, I had today’s blog all planned out, it was going to be a What I Ate Wednesday post, but than I forgot and ate all the food without taking any of the pictures.


Ah well, maybe next week, right?  I can still tell you what I ate, if you’re interested.  I find that since I’ve moved in with my parents, I’ve been eating waaay healthier than I typically do, which is fantastic!  It’s like easy-peasy weightloss (or I think it is – I’m not weighing myself this month so I can’t tell).

Anyways, on to what I ate today.  I’m not claiming this is super healthy or anything, but it’s definitely smaller portions than what I’m used to eating.

Breakfast: Tea (with milk, no sugar!) and a bowl of Life cereal with milk.  Not loving this breakfast as it doesn’t keep me full for very long.

Snack: Single serving of Oikos greek yogurt with honey.  Another tea.

Lunch: Leftover Pad Thai from last night’s supper.  Also had an apple.

Snack: I was starving so I purchased an iced cappuccino on the way home.  I haven’t been eating much sugar as of late, and I was surprised at how sweet this drink was.  I used to drink these like crazy, but now it’s too sweet for me.  It did the trick, though, and filled me up till suppertime.

Supper: It was just mom and I for this meal, and we ended up having a thin crust veggie pizza and caesar salad.  Pretty good.

It’s 10pm now, and I’m feeling a little hungry, but I’ll be okay if I head to bed soon.

Today was my last day of practicum in my grade 3 class, and it was a bittersweet day.  I’ll share some of the letters and artwork from my students in tomorrow’s post.  Stay tuned 😀